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2015 Registration - What You Need to Know

OTR begins on Thursday and the gates open at noon.  Please try and take advantage of online preregistration to reduce the time you will need to stand in line at registration.  

Day Passes 

Passes are good for the day purchased from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM. To stick around after 6:00 PM, go through registration and purchase a regular pass. Without exception, day passes are $15 and include the non--‐refundable insurance surcharge, regardless of length of visit.  


Guests are welcome at OTR, when invited and sponsored by a TRA regular member. YOU are responsible for the behavior of your guests. TRA regular members may sponsor up to 2 adult guests. Guests of all ages (except infants) pay the regular registration fee plus $20 guest surcharge. Family companions 18 and over are considered guests unless they are TRA members. Non--‐adult guests must be children of adult sponsors or the adult sponsor must provide proof of guardianship. We cannot permit entry to guests under 18 who are not lawfully in the custody of their adult sponsors. Legal verification may be required. Please choose your guests carefully; this is a caver's event; please invite only cavers.

Children of TRA Members 

Children of TRA members up to the age of 17 are not considered guests and do not pay the guest surcharge. They are not held against the members 2 guest limit.  Children may become Family Members and receive their own membership card see web site for more information and forms

Family Members 

For immediate family members who are 18 and over including spouse, are treated as guests and are charged the guest fee.  They will apply toward the members 2 guest limit.  If the members immediate family over age 18 includes more than 2 persons they are allowed to exceed the 2 person guest limit but only for the immediate family members.  No other guests will be allowed.

Spouses and children over 18 who are not immediate family are guests and count against the members limit.  In some cases the member would be required to find an additional member to sponsor someone from his family.

Photo ID: 

You must provide legal photo ID at registration, even if you do not intend to consume any alcoholic beverages on site. The OTR staff is authorized to request and see ID of any individual on-site. You MUST be 21 or over to consume any alcoholic beverages on-site; staff may ask for validation at any time. 


OTR accepts cash or checks written in US funds and on US banks. OTR charges $30 on returned checks and reports nonpaying registrants to the authorities. OTR does not accept registration payment with credit or debit cards at OTR. 

Drinking Age is 21

The drinking age for alcoholic beverages in West Virginia is 21 years and older. Underage drinking is a concern and it is taken seriously. Please be considerate. Underage drinking puts us all at risk. Those 21 and over will be given a wristband for verification. 


No pets are permitted at OTR, including the gate area or chained to/inside vehicles at the gate. 

Service Animals

Several years ago the attendees at OTR clearly spoke that they do not want pets at OTR. The Old Timers Reunion (OTR) is not without compassion for the need of Service Animals (SA) for its members with disabilities and members' guests with disabilities. Qualified and bona fide service animals are welcome at OTR. Pets and non-service animals are NOT permitted. It is a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. Those who bring their non-service animals to the OTR site will be ejected from the OTR site without refund. All service animals must be trained, housebroken, leashed, under control and with their handler at all times. If any handler does not adhere to these conditions, the handler will be asked to remove the animal from the site. The handler then may return without the animal. OTR reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject any individual whose conduct poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or service animals.

TRA Membership

If you need a TRA membership you have until July 31 to submit your paper work. The cost is $15 and you can download forms at http://membership.otr.org.  Please see the web site for more information and forms or contact the membership chair

New Membership Cards

At OTR 2011 new TRA membership cards were handed out for use in pre-registration and fast pass onsite registration. Contact the membership chair if you did not receive one.  

2015 Registration Fees

OTR is one of the most well attended caving activities available and the cost of admission continues to be a bargain.

2015 OTR Registration Fees


Arrival Day Adult 18+ Junior
Additional Guest fee
Pre-registration $50 $46 $37 +$20
Thursday $50 $46 $37 +$20
Friday $48 $45 $35 +$20
Saturday $46 $41 $31 +$20
Sunday $40 $37 $30 +$20

Infants under 3 years are permitted free entry.

The day begins at 4 AM.


Preregistration will be available online again this year and if possible you should consider using it.  Preregistration significantly decreases the time you spend in line at registration.

Please note that the special pre-registration rate is good for whichever day you are arriving.  If you choose not to preregister online, you can register when you arrive.  To simplify your registration, bring your TRA member card with the barcode on the back and you will be able to use the "Fast Pass Registration" facility.

Registration Hours of Operation

Registration is open around the clock from noon Thursday to midnight Saturday.  Staff and hours may reduce after midnight Thursday and Friday.  Registration Closes at midnight on Saturday and reopens at 8:30 AM Sunday.  OTR closes completely to new registrations and guests at 6:00 PM on Sunday.  If you plan on arriving after 6:00 PM on Sunday, you must make prior CONFIRMED arrangements with our registration coordinator, Leanne Barley; and you must pay the full registration fee for Sunday.  If your name is not on their list, you are not confirmed.  Don't wait until the last minute.  

OTR 2015 Pre-registration is Live



** Please read this: To pre-register, you do not have to log into the web site.  Simply click the button below that says "Click here to get started"  If you encounter problems, please email prereg@otr.org for help.

Pre-registration for OTR 2015 is now live. You will need your TRA ID and a credit card to be able to register online (TRA Life members not wishing to purchase merchandise do not require a credit card).

In addition to pre-registering for OTR and saving yourself some significant time once you get to OTR, you are now able to pre-order merchandise when you register. Many of these items are limited quantity and are only available to those who pre-register.  If you are interested, you should be sure to buy it now.  Click Read-More to see list of merchandise available.

Saturday, will be the evening banquet in the Pavilion consisting of Cowboy stew, Coleslaw, Corn on the cob, Cornbread.  Please note, that there will a limited number of servings during the two time slots. The first will be at 5:30 pm, the second will be 7:00 pm. Carryout will be available.

Pre-registration ends on Friday August 28 at 7:00 PM.  Don't be disappointed by waiting until the last minute.  

If you have questions or encounter problems with pre-registration, please contact Charlie Williams at prereg@otr.org. Many of your questions may already be answered in the Terms and Conditions.

Click here to get started


TRA Membership Classification Change & Fee Structure Change

On March 21st the TRA Board approved changes to the Robertson Association Membership Classifications and fee structure.

The membership change will affect all Junior Members beginning March 28, 2015. The Board has decided to remove the Junior Membership classification and convert all current Junior Members to Family Dependent Members. The Membership Secretary will attempt to work with all current Junior Members on a case by case basis to ease this transition. The change will only affect the classification not the rights of the member. The recently converted members will still be required to follow all of the TRA bylaws and requirements to attend the annual Membership Meeting.


The Muddle at OTR 2015

Sunday night band The Muddle

OTR 2015 Welcomes Back...THE MUDDLE ! The Wheeling WV area band has played The Pavilion Stage in years past and are excited to be returning to OTR on Sunday. The four piece band is comprised of, Cathy Mowder (vocals, guitar, & bass) Kevin Schlick (vocals & guitar) London Stadler (bass, guitar, & harmony vocals) and Kevin Brosh (percussion & harmony vocals).


Junior Membership Class Eliminated

At the Spring TRA board meeting on March 28, 2015 the board voted to eliminate the class of membership known as Junior.  As a result of eliminating the Junior class membership, which was primararly for those who were under 18 years of age, the Family Dependent membership class would be expanded to include that age group.




At the recent TRA Board Meeting Operational Vice President, John Vitela announced that the ongoing weathering and deterioration to the co-ed shower facility may very soon render it unsafe and closed until permanent repairs can be made.

Download this file (Shower House flier and form 9-4-14.pdf)Shower-House-Donation-Form.pdf[Use this form to submit your donation to support rebuilding the shower house]171 kB
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Wild Wild West Virginia

TRA will be hosting its 66th annual Old Timers Reunion this year at our campground in West Virginia.  Watch for upcoming news, as this event is going to be WILD!  A Western theme with a little inspiration from the movie “Blazing Saddles” will have you packing up your wagons and heading for the homestead.  Watch for a variety of new thematic activities such as a Chilli cook-off, the Lili Von Shtupp lip-synching contest, a themed bonfire lighting and a Saturday night cowboy stew banquet along with many of your old favorites.  From Thursday through Sunday there will be a variety of live bands and DJ's to get you out on the dance floor and kick up your heels.  There are many more plans in the works so keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters.

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