Grateful Gary, 9pm to midnight (Pavilion)


Shanty Irish, 5pm to 7pm (Cooters)
Hillary Klug “Artist at Large”
Hillbilly Gypsies at the “OTR Hoedown”, 10pm to midnight (Pavilion)


Hillary Klug “Artist at Large”
Jon Yeager: 5pm to 6pm, Emcee and comic for the first hour of the Truce Dinner (Pavilion)
Stewart Huff: 6pm to 7pm, comedy show at the last hour of the Truce Dinner (Pavilion)
Fleabops and Rockasonics9pm to midnight at the “OTR Rockabilly Double Bill” (Pavilion)


Hillary Klug “Artist at Large”
Jakobs Ferry Stragglers:  2pm to 5pm (River Stage)
Buzzz City, 9pm to 11pm (Pavilion)

Grateful Gary

OTR 2019 entertainment opens with Grateful Gary, a solo guitarist and vocalist from the
Chicago area who plays a blend of hippie and retro music like Crosby Stills Nash, Pink
Floyd, Grateful Dead and Neil Young. He has entertained at numerous other caver
events like NSS Convention, Kentucky Speleofest, MVOR and previous OTRs.
Gary also is ‘one of us,’ a caver, NSS Life Member, Mammoth Cave Resto Crew
member, chair of the Sub-Urban Chicago Grotto and Assistant Copy Editor for the NSS
News. He also put together this year’s OTR Guidebook!

Grateful Gary also will be playing music on Saturday afternoon at Cooters Pub, 12:30-
3:30pm, where he will feature mostly folk/acoustic songs like Bob Dylan, John Prine,
Jim Croce and John Denver.

Otherwise, Gary can be found at the controls of the Pavilion sound booth for the rest of
the weekend, as he’s a fully-qualified audio engineer.

The Shanty Irish Band

Everyone enjoys a wee bit of Irish music, and perhaps also a pint of Guinness! What
better way to enjoy them both than to check out The Shanty Irish Band. Consisting of
friends, cavers and long-time TRA members, the lads play traditional Irish folk music
that dates back to the 18th and 19th Centuries, what would be heard in the so-named
‘singing pubs’ that are scattered throughout Ireland. Many of the songs, shanties, reels
and jigs tell tales of fighting, revolution, love and the wonders of poitin and porter (–
whisky and beer). Come join The Shanty Irish Band on Friday at Cooters Pub.

Here is a video of Shanty Irish doing what Shanty Irish does best!

Hillary Klug

Old Timers Reunion 2021 welcomes one of the most unique performers to perform at OTR, the great Hillary Klug.

Hillary is a one-of-a-kind singing/buck-dancing/fiddle-playing phenom from Nashville. Ms. Klug has been the National Buck Dancing Champion and started out spending a great deal of time honing her craft as a hugely successful street performer in Nashville. She now plays at venues all over America where she is a magnet for all Traditional American Music and Dance lovers, has appeared on national TV and even did a video with the original Celtic Woman dancing fiddler, Máiréad Nesbitt, in Ireland.

Hillary has over 12,000,000 views of her  “Cotton Eyed Joe” videos alone on YouTube as well as quite a substantial Social Media following.

Hillary will be doing 2 independent scheduled performances at OTR on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each not to be missed.

As our “OTR Artist at Large” Ms. Klug is sure to pop up on stage with any of the talented performers at Old Timers 2021 to join them for a song or two.

Comedian: Jon Yeager

Jon Yeager comes to us from Baltimore and is by day a professional wine expert. He has a formal title of “sommelier”. He manages the wine at many “wine” formal events.   Jon is an master at wine and all of the connections it has to food in a formal setting.

By night he is a Comedy Show Producer and a Comic himself who produces dozens of shows throughout the year in the DC area.

Hillbilly Gypsies

Hailing from the beautiful Mountain State of West Virginia, The Hillbilly Gypsies have been making and performing their own brand of old time bluegrass and original mountain music for almost two decades!

The Hillbilly Gypsies will be hosting the stompin’, hootin and hollerin’ of we Old Timers at the OTR Friday Night Hoedown at the Pavilion Stage in 2021.  Y’all come…..hear!”

Flea Bops and Rockasonics

The Rock-A-Sonics play Rockabilly, vintage Country, and atomic age Rock ‘n’ Roll in authentic style. They’re sure to make you smile and dance!

The Rockasonics are fronted by up and coming Rockabilly superstar Willie Barry, who recently headlined an exciting night of all Rockabilly music at the prestigious Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown with his 4 piece group Willie Barry and the Chaperones.

The Rockasonics will be sharing the bill at the Saturday Night Rockabilly Hootenanny with their Rockabilly brothers in arms, The Fleabops, for a double-bill night of authentic Hillbilly/Rockabilly fun.  Visit them on Facebook.

The Flea Bops is a rockabilly band playing at OTR. The band initially went under the name of the Twilite Ramblers but soon evolved into the Flea Bops. The members are Ronnie Joyner (vocals, rhythm guitar), Preston Lebeau (electric guitar) Lance Lebeau (drums) and Lance’s wife, Wendy on double bass. Both Ronnie Joyner and Preston LeBeau previously played in Red and the Pepperpot Boys with Bill Hull (guitar player for Go Cat Go) on drums.

Read about them in the Rockabilly Chronicle.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page and visit their shop on the web.

Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers


Hailing from the mountain towns of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers draw freely from Old-Time, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and Swing music to create their own brand of high energy, Appalachian Bluegrass. Gary Antol (guitar/vocals) and Libby Eddy (fiddle/vocals) founded the band in 2014 with a very simple goal: write good songs, honor the music, and take it to the road.  Fortunately for us, that road leads to Old Timers Reunion on the Riverstage Sunday afternoon.   Be sure to come on down for a high quality, unique acoustic experience as you soak up the music while you soak up the Tygart River in 2021.


Buzzz City​

Buzzz City is a loose confederation of caver-musicians who have played group
performances for years at OTR. They formerly played at their campsite, at Cooters or
wherever they could. In recent years, Buzzz City began performing at the First Aid
Station as a thank-you and to raise money to fund medical supplies. The ‘Band-Aid’ (get
it?) fundraiser started eight years ago. Buzzz City performed at the Pavilion the past two
years, and the band has proved to be a big hit (not to mention the money raised for the
First Aid Station)! This year’s performance once again will immediately follow the
Sunday Awards Ceremony at the Pavilion, and once again will be a benefit for the First
Aid Station. You’ll hear lots of good old-timey songs, including their crowd favorite, The
OTR Anthem!