2019 Round Two Grant Funding

A core purpose of The Robertson Association, TRA, is to support cavers, cave conservation, safety and outreach to help sustain the caving community.

This year presents a unique opportunity to provide a second round of grants to the caving community. Typically, TRA, can fund one round of grants per year. Recent changes to the Directives by the Board of Trustees, provides the opportunity for a second round to be awarded Sunday, September 1st at the annual Old Timer’s Reunion over Labor Day weekend.

Round Two opens May 15, 2019 and will close at midnight on July 15, 2019. Projects that meet our funding criteria include caver education and outreach, conservation, landowner relations, scientific research and exploration, search and rescue and other service projects directly related to caves or caving. Suggested request amount is in the $500 range, but considerations will be made for more complex projects. The idea is to award several grants to the limits of our funding.

The grant committee will consider prior 2019 awardees if the funding is requested for a different project. Committee members include charter members, Robert Hoke and Gary Moss, Dr. Kat Crispin, Tisha and Greg Springer, Philip Balister and chair, Sharon BrinkmanWindle, serving under the direction of Pat Cuttier, TRA Treasurer.

All submissions should go to the committee chair, Sharon Brinkman-Windle via email. Please include Grant Request in the subject line. A submission packet will be sent to groups interested in applying. It will contain guidelines, restrictions and scoring criteria established by the committee. For additional information, assistance in applying or general questions, she can be reached at 304-379-7997. TRA is an organization of cavers, serving cavers.