Old Timers Reunion is a sanguine, specious and spectacular event that could not happen without the tireless and unselfish assistance of the following esteemed colleagues, many of whom give countless days and hours of their personal time in order that you attendees will have a great OTR experience and keep you coming back, year after year. We would be truly remiss to not recognize, honor and thank these wonderful, wily and whimsical Wunderkinds.


Sarah Mosberg,

aka ‘Lady Sarah Von Mosberg’


David ‘Shack’ Shackelford,

aka ‘Baron von Shackelford’


Mike Oatney

Awards Ceremony

Hannah Davis, Nigel Willis


Darrell Spence (design and construction), Sarah Mosberg, Shack, Ruth Williams, Gary Gibula

Breakdown Press (additional printing)

Bob Hoke

BrewCrew Chiefs

Todd and Diane Bozenbury,

Jean DeVries, Rob Warner

Campsite Competition

Kathy Forsythe, Sherry Oatney,

Susi Weston

Campground and Pavilion Steampunk Decorations

Darrell Spence
Children’s Activities

Sidney Hawkins, Larry (‘Batman’) Rohr, Sharon Brinkman-Windle

Communications (2-way radios, HAM Net) Scott Davis

Contests and Speleo-Olympics

Sharon Brinkman-Windle, Cherie Schock, Robert ‘Ziggy’ Seager

Coot & Holler Gazette

Bill and Carol Jackson

Cooters Pub

Shack, Sharon Brinkman-Windle,

Sidney Hawkins, Colin Lynch, Stacy Mock, Gene Pelter, Jennifer Pelter

Dirty Deeds

Dave Woods, Denny Woods

Doo-Dah Parade Grand Marshall

Grand Marchioness Emily von Speleo (of Speleobooks)

Doo-Dah Parade Judges

Pauline Apling, Scott Baker,

Mary Ellen Garton, Shelley Kidwiler, Ruth Williams


Bill Bradwell, Tom Keith

Event Tent Host

Dave Fields

First-Aid Station

Stephen Mosberg

Gate Coordinator

Torie Howard


John Harris (Krewe Kommander


Gary Gibula (editor/writer) aka

The Right Honourable Viscount

  Gareth von Graeteful of Muisíque

Home Brew Gathering

Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson

Homemade Wine Competition

Eric Deal

Horticulture and Site Beautification

Rebecca Shaw (Krewe Kommander)

Kiddie Korral Movies, Slide Show

Dead Puppies Grotto

Live Entertainment Coordination

Jim Moen, Barry ‘Bear’ Welling

(aka ‘Ursus Spelaeus’), Rhonda Cain

Opening Ceremonies

Jim Forsythe, Lor Windle

OTR Graphic Artist/ Logo Design

Amanda Willis, Amber Lehman

OTR Merchandise

Sarah Richards aka Grand Contessa Sarah von Merch-Richards of Ulm


Bobbie Seng, Dr. Kat Crispin,

Bill Boehle, Steve McLuckie

Registration system development

Pat Cuttier, Zach Simonetti,

Charlie Williams, Dr. Kat Crispin,

Bobbie Seng, Shack and Scott Baker


Jacqueline Harris (Krewe Kommander),

Rich Geisler (Operations)


Tim Ayers (Chief), Rich Monty (Asst. Chief), Lizette Molina (Chief Emeritus), Bill Bradwell (Deputy), Scott Davis (Deputy), Lor Windle (Deputy), Melissa Ward (Administrative Deputy), Security Team: Carl Conover, Annette Conover, Paul Conover, Don Conover, Bru Randall, Sue Weston, Patch Adams, Steve Frankhouser, Judy Koon, Bill Liebman, Terry King

Sound and Music Krewe

Gary Gibula

TRA Elections Committee

Susan Nettles

Vendor Coordinator

Norma Dee Peacock

Virgin Guidebook

Ruth Williams


Zach Simonetti

The ‘Wild Side’

Brian Cunningham (Krewe Kommander)


Terry Zorn, Lucien Dean