Health and Safety

The Covid committee continues to closely monitor the situation regarding Covid and has been in contact with the head of the Health Department in Randolph County.

Please pay close attention to these precautions and actions.

  • If you haven’t done so, please get vaccinated.
  • Please consider taking a rapid COVID-19 antigen test before traveling to our reunion.
  • If you feel sick before the event or test positive for COVID-19, please stay home. We’ll see you next year.
  • If you feel sick at the event, please quarantine in your camp. Do NOT come to First Aid; we are not equipped to care for infectious disease. Do NOT go into town. If you continue to feel ill, please consider leaving the site and going home.
  • Bring home test kits in case you need them. They are readily available by mail or from many pharmacies.

Especially we encourage EVERYONE to self test before coming to OTR, and, of course, staying home if you test positive.

This is the best way to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, guests, staff, vendors, and the citizens of Randolph County.

Caver ALERT Information Sheet: We strongly recommend that before you leave on a Caving Trip that you designate an EMERGENCY CONTACT and leave a completed CAVER ALERT INFORMATION SHEET with them. CAVER ALERT INFORMATION SHEETS may be found on the ACTIVITIES BOARD, INFORMATION BOARDS, at FIRST AID, REGISTRATION, and GATE. A fillable pdf CAVER ALERT INFORMATION SHEET may be found at Questions on the CAVER ALERT INFORMATION SHEET should be directed to or ask anyone on Security to put you in contact with the ER- NCRC Sub-Region Coordinator for Randolph County who is usually at the OTR Site.