Registration Information

Pre-registration for OTR is available online. The information below will help answer questions you may have. If there is anything you still have questions about, please email

New for OTR 2024

  • The number of guests a regular member may sponsor has increased to 5 through OTR 2026
  • Everyone who is at the work week prior to OTR will need to be pre-registered


  1. You will need your TRA member number from your TRA Card.
  2. As a Regular TRA member, you may register up to 5 guests.
  3. Guests will pay a $20 guest service fee on top of their registration fee.
  4. Immediate family members over the age of 18, including spouses, who are NOT TRA Members are treated as guests. They are charged the guest fee and apply against the member 5-guest limit. 
  5. If there are more than 5 non-TRA family members, they will all be allowed as guests. In this case no other guests would be allowed to be sponsored.


  1. To pre-register, you must pay by credit card.
  2. To register onsite, you may pay with credit card, cash, or check.
  3. We accept payment in US funds only.
  4. All pre-registration prices are based on Thursday arrival. Costs are not pro-rated like they are for onsite registration.
  5. All pre-registrations are final. Refunds may be issued at the discretion of the OTR chair.  See special COVID-19 exceptions.

Picking Up Registration Packets

  1. Registration numbers will be assigned based in part on the order that you registered.
  2. You can pick up your registration package at the pre-registration line in the Registration center at OTR. 
  3. When you pick up your registration package at the Registration Center, you and each person aged 18 or over in your party will be required to provide a photo ID.


  1. Sponsors MUST be on site when their guests arrive, or the guest will be asked to wait until you arrive.

Click here to register:  REGISTER!

Rates and Fees

Adding to or Modifying Your Registration

Did you forget to add merch to your pre-registration and now have FOMO? Did you meet a new caver friend and want to add them as your OTR guest? No worries! You can add to your existing registration by following the instructions linked below! Keep in mind that all merch is available only while supplies last!!

Modifying A Registration or Buying Merch After Registering – OTR.ORG