TRA Long Range Planning Committee

Enhancing The Robertson Association’s ability to continue our traditions while supporting important projects, many of which are caving related, requires time and attention to detail. In order to properly maintain the TRA Campsite and the integrity of the organization, the infrastructure requires a great deal of advance planning and preparation, balanced with budgeting and prioritization. The Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) does not have final say in these concerns, but it has been tasked to help the guide the TRA Board with planning assistance and project prioritization. The Committee convenes throughout the year, with the most public annual meeting occurring at OTR (Saturday, 1pm). Any TRA member is welcome to attend this meeting and openly provide input.

Any committee or department head within TRA is required to provide relevant information for any future plan that requires budgeting. All plans to be considered for upcoming OTR years must be submitted to the committee in late fall of the current year.

TRA Long-Range Planning Committee members include:

  • David ‘Shack’ Shackleford
  • Ben Mirabile
  • John Vitela
  • Tim Brown
  • Jeremy Browning
  • Sarah Richards
  • Pat Cuttier
  • Rich Geisler
  • Norma Dee Peacock
  • Pat Smith
  • Judy Koon
  • Sarah Mosberg
  • Charlie Williams
  • AJ Goslin

They can be reached at:   or at

Submitting a new proposal