Rules and Regulations

Site Rules: All OTR attendees are encouraged to have a safe, harmonious OTR, and therefore must adhere to West Virginia laws. In addition, NO firearms are allowed, NO underage alcohol consumption, NO fireworks or sky (Chinese) lanterns, NO pets, NO glass at the sauna or river, NO cameras in Sauna area, NO parking where posted, NO trash (including recyclables) left behind, I.D. badges must be worn and on display at all times, NO I.D. wristband –no beer! Be considerate with respect to noise and conduct after 11pm.

COVID-19: By attending OTR, you and your guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.  Mask wearing and social distancing will be recommended for anyone not fully vaccinated.  Mask wearing is your responsibility and will not be monitored or required by OTR.  Harassment of others regarding vaccination status, mask wearing, or social distancing will not be tolerated and is subject to expulsion.

Carts: Use of Golf carts, motor scooters, ATVs or anything resembling these, are permitted ONLY at the behest of the Chairman. NO wheeled traffic is allowed on Vendors Row (except for bicycles, which  must be walked, not ridden), except for Emergency vehicles of course. Disabled attendees wanting to reach the showers are asked to drive behind the First Aid Station.

Caving at OTR: You can find the OTR Off-Site Activities Guide at Registration (insurance coverage prohibits us from officially offering OTR cave trips). Please also check the Activity Board (Sec. 2). If you go caving (or off site for any reason other than maybe a quick trip to town),  we strongly suggest that you fill out a CAVER ALERT INFORMATION SHEET (CAIS) and leave it with an Emergency Contact before you head off on your trip. Your Emergency Contact should be someone reliable who is not going on the trip. Clothing and equipment must be decontaminated before and after use, due to WNS. In any case, be a good Caver, use the CAIS, and cave responsibly!

Common Sense: The definition of ‘common sense’ is “sound and prudent judgment.” We ask that you please use Common Sense while on the site this weekend at OTR (and in life, for that matter).

Electricity: Sorry, electricity is unavailable for OTR attendees, with the exception of device charging at the Charging Station. Contact the Chairman, Security or First Aid if you have a medical reason that requires access to electricity. Unapproved power cords will be unplugged and a warning issued.

Firearms, and so on and so forth: Due to our insurance coverage, ALL firearms, explosives, Chinese lanterns and fireworks are strictly prohibited at OTR.

First Aid: Located at the end of Vendors Row, the OTR First Aid Station (Map #18) is staffed by experienced and dedicated volunteers from a variety of medical disciplines. Anyone in medical distress or in need of assistance should be brought to the First Aid Station (or contact Security). They also sell ice (see Ice, Sec. 2), which is nice.

Generators: If you absolutely must, generators may only be operated between 9:oo am and 9:00 pm. Please notify Security if you have special requirements or notice someone is using a generator outside of this 12-hour period.

Name Tag: It is required to wear your official registration Name Tag at all times while at OTR. Your tag also is required at the Gate to enter or exit OTR. If you travel into Elkins, wearing your tag reminds the community of OTR’s ongoing support from our organization (e.g., coat drive) and from you, the cavers, doing business with them. Wear your OTR Name Tag proudly!

Legal Drinking Age: It’s 21 in West Virginia. Even though we’re private event on private property, NO ONE under age 21 is allowed to purchase or consume alcohol at OTR. All attendees are carded and strict adherence to State Law is enforced on premises. Parents or sponsors are responsible for their children and guests. As with any situation involving such liability, do not offer alcoholic beverages to minors (see ‘Common Sense’, above) –it’s against the law to do so, and you risk adverse action or possible expulsion from OTR.

Wristbands: If you want to consume  alcohol at OTR, you must have a wristband, which only will be given to those who are 21 years of age or older. Underage drinking has very serious consequences –the drinker AND sponsor may be expelled from the event, law enforcement may be alerted and OTR could lose its alcohol license. Servers and Security may at any time request an ID or ask to inspect wristbands that look loose or tampered with. Any switching or sharing of wristbands will result in serious, immediate disciplinary action for all parties (expulsion).

Parking & Car Tag: Please honor ‘No Parking’ signs and be considerate to not park where other vehicles cannot pass by. State law requires our roadways to be kept open for emergency vehicles. Stop at the Gate for a Car Tag, which should be placed on your car’s rear-view mirror for the Gate staff to see.

Photos & Videos: OTR is a private event on private property, but common sense and a reasonable expectation of privacy still should be considered if you take photographs and videos of people at our fest. (No photos in the Sauna, of course, see Section 2.) If you plan to post on Facebook and other social media outlets, please get permission from the subject person.

Porta-Potties: We have an important rule regarding our Porta-Potties. Numero Uno is to not affix flyers or tape to them. Do not write or draw on them. Do not mistreat your Porta-Potties. They are your friends. We care for them so much that our contract calls for them to be cleaned several times daily during OTR. Cheer for the Porta-Potty upkeep crew when they arrive! Keep access clear so they can complete their duties. Porta-Potties are our biggest OTR expense, any damage carries a heavy fine. So please, treat the Porta-Potties with respect, and we’ll make sure there are enough of them and that they are kept clean and fresh for you. Thank you!

Registration: …is open 12 noon on Thursday until 1am (Friday), 9am Friday until 1am (Saturday), 9am Saturday until 9pm (with someone ‘on call’ until 12 midnight), and 9am Sunday until 6pm. Overnight temporary registration will be available at the Gate. No one may enter or register after 6pm Sunday unless prior arrangements have been made. Whenever the Registration building (Map #1) is closed, new arrivals are directed to the Gate (#4) for assistance.

Trash: Refuse and recycling always are significant at large gatherings like OTR. We recommend that you maintain a large trash bag at your campsite and deposit it in the dumpsters along Old Timers Road as you leave the site. For smaller quantities of detritus, there are trash receptacles along Vendors Row. Please take home any recyclable items –resist the urge to just throw recyclables in the dumpster! Be a responsible caver and leave your campsite the way you found it. Leave  behind nothing but excess steam. The Dirty Deeds crew also will appreciate this… give the guys your thanks!

SECURITY: Perhaps the most important element of any large gathering is the Security Team. We all want to have fun at OTR, and our Security Team is there to make us all feel safe. Their job is to worry about everyone’s safety so we can enjoy ourselves. Remember, we’re all on the same team here! Our Security staff is here to help in your time of need, whether it be escorting you back to your tent for some shut-eye, assisting with some unforeseen emergency or settling trivial arguments. Tim Ayers is our Security Chief. Tim, his deputies and the rest of his Security Team all do a fantastic job for all of us. Keep in mind that our Security Team is all-volunteer. Be sure to thank them, and maybe even offer to volunteer for a Security shift or two. Lastly, just like at a ballgame, the mall or the airport, if you “see something, say something”! If you see someone without an ID badge who might be crashing our party, notify Security rather than confront the person. (See ‘Common Sense’)