1950 Society

For many of us, OTR is like a family reunion and TRA is our family. It’s our chance to see old friends, make new memories and remember those who are no longer here to celebrate with us. OTR is a tradition we’ve inherited from cavers before us, and it is something to be passed down to future generations. If you’ve always wondered how you could be part of that tradition, consider joining The 1950 Society.

The 1950 Society is open to any adult member of TRA in good standing who, through long-term financial and strategic planning, wishes to ensure the future of our organization and OTR. Members are asked to include TRA in their estate planning, and can pledge cash as well as stocks, bonds, insurance or property. Members are honored at the annual 1950 Society Recognition Gathering and are presented an official certificate and name tag proclaiming their status. They get exclusive invitations to the annual Society meeting and social hour at OTR. Most importantly, each member receives the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped to sustain the legacy of OTR for generations to come. If you are interested in membership in The 1950 Society, please contact Fred Mullner, Tim Brown or Kelley Deem, or leave your contact information at Cooters Pub anytime during OTR.