TRA and OTR Donations

There are many ways to help TRA and OTR by making donations to the cause. At the time you register for OTR, you can also make a contribution to the following areas:

The OTR Sauna is about to start a major renovation project that will move the tubs further away from flood-prone areas and erect permanent structures like a changing house. The Medical Equipment Fund gets a boost from Buzzz City playing its ‘Band-Aid’ benefit on Sunday evening, but it could use always more. The OTR Museum still is in its fledgling days, but contributions will help it, and the OTR legacy, grow. The Cooters Structure Fund needs help to finally pay off the mortgage. And the Kiddie Korral and Memorial Garden could use funding for their facilities, too.

The Brickhead Program benefits our beautiful new Pavilion and its recent improvements like noise-reducing insulation, the new stage, concrete pad and decorative rocks. If you donate, you get your name engraved on a brick that is permanently installed on the Pavilion floor. A standard brick is $150, and larger bricks also are available.