Summer is nearly here, and soon we will all be back together at our home away from home.  The 72nd Old Timers Reunion is less than four months away.  This year’s theme is Prohibition, The Roaring 20s, and The Age of Jazz.  Our team is busy puttin’ on the Ritz to make this year’s OTR the bee’s knees!  We have several events planned to celebrate the 20s in high style.  Get dolled up in your best spats or flapper dress for the DooDah parade.  This year the DooDah Parade will be held in the evening and will be the start of Saturday night’s festivities.  After the DooDah Parade, take a tour of the campsite to find the best giggle water and hooch around and maybe get spifflicated.  For camps that want to participate, there will be a people’s choice speakeasy contest.  Show off your juice joint and win a prize!  Finally, head to the pavilion with your favorite sheba or sheik and dance the night away.

We all make OTR the great event that it is.  Without you, OTR would not be OTR.  Like last year, each TRA member will be allowed to sponsor up to 5 guests at OTR.  We’re challenging each of you to bring a friend to OTR this year.  Bring a friend to OTR!  Invite a friend back to OTR!  The friendships we make and the stories we create are the best parts of OTR; let’s all do our part to sustain our beloved Old Timers Reunion.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Dailey!

Ben Mirable
OTR Chairman