Dear Caver Friends

It’s 2024 and we have a great OTR in the works! This year our theme is Caves, Cavers, and Caving. That’s right, a CAVING-themed OTR. It’s time to celebrate our common ground, and all the interests that bring us together. We have a lot in store this year!  OTR has always been the perfect venue to razzle dazzle and show off your caving skills. This year, we’re highlighting and celebrating everything subterranean with a Caving Festival at the Pavilion on Saturday afternoon. We’re combining all the great OTR contests with live entertainment, free beer, and a whole gaggle of your closest caving friends all under one roof for a down dip base level master trunk free for all! Drink a cold beer courtesy of our Brew Crew, watch your caving BFF compete in the mechanical rope climbing contest. Sip your ice-cold oat soda and cheer your grotto secretary through the OTR Obstacle course. Win the beer chugging contest. Stand back, tap your feet, and hum along to familiar favorites from Tim White and JB Stalnaker as well as our own, Grateful Gary.

On the fancy and formal side, we are lining up a big time Cave Prom on Saturday night. It all starts with our Homecoming Parade (Yes, we know Prom and Homecoming are two different things). Participate or spectate, it’s your choice! Sport your holiest cave suit or your shiniest evening gown—it’s all good. Around 7:30 pm or about dark, get ready for a raucous speleo-spectacle,  Dress up and be who you want to be:

Cave divers, gear sherpas, bat counters,
cave queens,
cave diggers, crawl pushers, cave mappers
cave fiends,
cave gaters, paint scrapers, disto operators
with two lights to spare
young bucks and old farts
who cave from armchairs

However you decide to show up, just show up and dance the night away with our 2024 Headliner, Driftwood.