Registration for OTR 2022 is OPEN!

Please see the tab entitled “Health and Safety” for guidance and recommendations to ensure our community’s health and safety.

Greetings fellow cavers, TRA members, & OTR attendees.

It has been far too long since we have been able to gather in the hills of West Virginia for our beloved event known as Old Timer’s Reunion.  Due to circumstances regarding the COVID virus that were completely out of our control, we had to forgo spending time together in 2020 and 2021.  This was the first time that our chance to reunite with one another has been cancelled since OTR began in 1950.

We were literally days away from being able to gather again in 2021 when OTR was forced to cancel.  The site was prepped and the OTR Volunteer Staff was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our family, friends, and fellow OTR attendees.

I’m excited to announce that we are moving forward with planning for OTR 2022!!!

It is with much excitement that we look forward to welcoming y’all back to OTR for our “Family Reunion” in 2022!

It seems like we have been apart for far too long and we’re going to celebrate and embrace the true meaning of OTR.  We are one big family that meets once a year for a time of friendship, fellowship, and caving.

We will be having much of the same activities and events that you have grown to enjoy year after year when you attend OTR.  We will feature entertainment that you have enjoyed in the past at prior reunions, and we will invite a couple of new ones to spend time with us as well.

We are also planning on having the opportunity to share in a “camp style” dinner together on Saturday evening in the Main Pavilion with entertainment provided before a special Saturday night event.

There are many more plans being made to make the most of our Family Reunion at OTR 2022.  Most importantly, plans are being made to welcome our friends and family members back to OTR.

On behalf of the OTR Staff, OTR Crew Chiefs, and TRA Board Members, I look forward to welcoming each and every one of you back to OTR in 2022 for our “Family Reunion”.

In the words of Dale Ibberson, “It’s a Brand New Party.”





OTR 2022