TRA Grants

TRA Grant Funding

It’s the desire of the OTR leadership to place a greater emphasis on caving. To that end, groups and individuals are heartily encouraged to apply for available grants from The Robertson Association, a registered nonprofit organization, for local and regional projects that support the study and science of Speleology.

At the March 2018 TRA Board Meeting, $1,700 in funding was approved for the Virginia Cave Board to provide some 100 signs that identify 22 sensitive karst areas that comprise the Virginia Cave and Karst Trail, a 350-mile-long corridor along the state’s northwest border. See for more information. TRA also provided $900 for the NSS’ Shelta Cave Preserve to help purchase helmets and lights, and to promote cave conservation, groundwater protection, geology and biology through an upcoming Open House. Officials hope the effort will increase grotto membership and involvement in caving.

OTR cavers are urged to apply for a TRA grant, as the leadership wishes to increase the focus on caving at our event. For more information, please contact TRA Board Member Pat Cuttier: