A Milestone is Reached

Photo of Johnny Parsons with Magic Hat

It is a given that the sound system and lighting in the pavilion are, and have been, of professional caliber for many years. For this we owe thanks to Johnny Parsons and his crew who have kept us dancing for 20+ years. Johnny (photo), along with Harney, Debbie St Pierre, Rocky Parsons, Nick (at Nite), and GROSS Grotto members have set up and run sound for every band playing in the pavilion almost since we moved to 


OTR 2013 Schedule of Events

Click the read more below to see a draft copy of the schedule of events for OTR 2013.  This schedule will be included in the guide book and any changes will be listed in the Coot-n-Holler as in the past.  The schedule for specific contests will be available at the Contests trailer during OTR.


The Wild Side

Brian Cunningham and Kim Byers welcome you to enjoy the beautiful Wild Side and River Stage areas. The bamboo loved the rain it received this year and appears to have flourished in spite of the damage it received during Superstorm Sandy’s unexpected blizzard. The floods subsided and the Wild Side crew was hard at work cleaning up the debris and making repairs. The native plant species are thriving and the crew has worked hard to create this little piece of heaven. Come relax and soak your feet in the foot pond and watch the butterflies. 


Buzz City - Band Aide Performance

Sunday night Buzz City will hold its third annual "Band Aide" performance at the Med Tent immediately following the awards ceremony. A jar will be passed around, with collected proceeds going towards First Aid expenses to care for OTR attendees. Come on over, enjoy the sounds of Buzz City and support those who support you! This year Buzz City would like to dedicate their performance to Gary Hubberd, a veteran Buzz City supporter!


Oktoberfest: A History of Gemutlichkeit

This could be a long story about the origins of Munich’s annual celebration commemorating the marriage of Bavaria’s Prince Ludwig and Saxony’s Princess Theresa. However, doing so would take time from your total OTR experience so we’ll make it brief.


Children's Activities

We’re glad you made this OTR a family event.  Please join us for some activities geared toward the littlest cavers.


The Poster Contest pickup and drop off is located at the TAFO campsite. Craft supplies will be available for use during the children’s activities scheduled below. The posters will be judged on Sunday. Children’s Speleo- Olympics are run at the discretion of the judges. Please check the contest trailer for more information. 


Zip-line Jousting

Jousting is an ancient sport of skill and concentration requiring exact eye-hand coordination while riding upon a galloping steed. Since we don’t have an abundance of horses in our stables, Old Timers Jousting has a little more of a caver flair, using many of the same skills as you charge forward toward your goal. In lieu of an equine mount, you’ll strap yourself into a zip line harness with the able assistance of serf Terry Zorn and fly through the trees to your target. Guaranteed to be as much a spectator event as it will be for participants.



OTRberfest officially kicks off with the tapping of the Festbier immediately after the Brewers' forum at COOTERS, at ~1:30PM. Reserved seating for pavilion dining and live polka music for all begins at 4:45 PM. Fest contests begin around 2 PM in the grassy area in front of the shower house. Check the Fest Contests bulletin board at COOTERS for updates, rules, attire, etc.

1) Maßkrug Holding "Steindurance" - Hold a filled 1L stein at arm's length for time. Heats held at COOTERS Sat. afternoon and at each of the fest's sit-down dinners; finals at Sun. eve awards event. Separate men/women contests.

2) St. Pauli Girl Stein Race (Mugs & Jugs) - Carry filled steins over a short but challenging distance for time and delivery. Saturday afternoon near shower house. Open to all women and men in women's clothing.

3) Keg Bowling - Knock pins over with kegs. Ongoing. Open to all comers.


OTRberfest Biergarten Competition

Judges will search for the best biergarten ... ompaah bands, busty biermaids, and the star of it all … BIER! Zicke zacke zicke zacke hoi hoi hoi, PROST! Judging will be Friday and Saturday afternoons, with a sign-up sheet for a time of your choice at Contest HQ. Other judging times available by arrangement with Head Judge Thom Flory. For those not of a Germanic bier inclination: we are happy (very happy) to judge other bar varieties at any time. Indeed, judges reserve the right to judge any bar at any time, day or night. Winners will be announced and given a handsome certificate during the OTR Awards Ceremony. Bragging rights are yours for an entire year.


TRA Legacy Guild Introduction

Each year as we attend OTR we look around to see what has been added to our ever-changing property.  Many volunteers, donating countless hours of work at great personal expense, have done all that you see.  Last year, the TRA Fund Raising Committee starting looking at additional ways to raise funds to assist our Volunteers in their mission to help complete both ongoing projects and allow future projects to get underway.


The 4th Annual OTR Amateur Wine Competition

Sunday, Forks of Cheat Winery Tent

An open field competition allowing for judging based on individual merits using a point system derived from five different criteria: Appearance, Aro-ma, Body, Taste and Finish. This system allows for diverse wines to be fairly judged against each other by our three-judge panel via a double blind tasting, The wines will be divided into two fields: 1) Traditional Grape Wine— any sweetness and 2) Fruit and Specialty Wines— any sweetness, including Meads.


OTR Caving — White Nose Syndrome (WNS) Update

It started innocently, moving from seasoned veteran to the novice. While the experienced caver was typically better versed on the subject, the reaction most often was the same by all; disbelief! Most everyone remembers this as the clamoring that took place in camp at the first OTR after confirmation in 2007 that White Nose Syndrome (WNS) was found in New York. As a result of this previously undescribed fungus Pseudogymno-aces destructans, formerly know as Geomyces destructans, a moratorium was placed on caving until further information could be developed. After 6 years and generously supported research the problem remains a very fluid issue and WNS is still on course to rank among the most destructive wildlife diseases to emerge in recent history. 



Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. They work hard and play even harder to facilitate improvements, both visible and invisible, throughout the year at designated work weekends, pre-OTR and, of course, throughout the event. There’s always something to do for an event of this magnitude, so why not take a couple of hours out of your OTR weekend to lend a hand? You will certainly be welcomed and you’ll come away with even more new friends at OTR! Here are several areas where you can assist:


Doo-Dah Parade - An OTR Tradition for 28 Years

What: A spectacle, for sure. Watch your fellow cavers at their "creative?" best parading around the main loop.

When: Saturday morning at 10 AM. Parade forms at the entrance gate.

Who: Anyone! Anything!

Why: Because they can.

Discussion: The Doo Dah parade began in 1986 at the suggestion of “that nice Bob Addis”, during the chairmanship of Dale Ibberson. It was inspired by the original Doo Dah parade held in Pasadena, CA in 1978. Our version is usually, but not necessarily, cave-related and frequently showcases entire grottos and crowd involvement. A "prize" is awarded by "judges" for unstated "criteria", especially outlandishness and crowd arousal. This year, a special "prize" will be awarded to the group exhibiting the best theme-related entry.


OTR Virgin Introduction

The idea that when attending your first OTR you are an OTR Virgin has grown over the years. Cavers have always had a special place for first timers. The first time you enter a cave, you get to be the one to push the passage that leads nowhere, you get the privilege of lead-ing everyone out of the cave through maze passages, and now it’s your first time at OTR. Don’t you want a chance to get to know what OTR is all about? Some of us have taken 20 or more years to learn this. Grottos, aren’t there OTR Virgins in your midst attending this year? Bring out your OTR Virgins to the induction ceremony Thursday evening at the bonfire (before the lighting), and no, you aren’t being sacrificed to the bonfire.


Saturday 1:30—3:30 PM in the pavilion. Items should be brought to the auction collection check-in area adjacent to COOTERS by noon on Sat. Viewing precedes auction; please remember to pay your tab and pick-up your items following the auction.


Registration Fees 2013

Registration cost for OTR 2013 is the same as the previous year.

2013 OTR Registration Fees
Arrival Day
Pre-registration $47 $43 $34 +$20
Infants under 3 years are permitted free entry
*Day starts at 4:00am


Pets: No pets are permitted at OTR, including the gate area or chained to/inside vehicles at the gate. 

Day Passes: Passes are good for the day purchased from 8:30 am until 6 pm. To stick around after 6 pm, go back to registration and purchase a regular pass. Without exception, day passes are $20 and are non-refundable, regardless of length of visit but, may be converted into a regular registration. You are not permitted to vote with a Sunday day pass.

Pre-Registration: will be available to TRA Members for OTR 2013.  You may sponsor and pay for guests, but guests will not be able to pre-register themselves.


OTR 2013 Bands

OTR 2013 Music Poster

There will be many bands playing at OTR this year.  Below is a list of who’s playing to help you plan for your evening entertainment.


Member Access

Important Dates

For 2013

Mar 1: Deadline for Award Nominations

Mar 1: Deadline for New Grant Requests

Mar 23: Spring TRA Board Mtg

July 4: Volunteer signup for Gate & Sauna

Jul 18: OTR 2013 Information Update sent to Grottos

Jul 26: Pre-registration goes live (or earlier)

Jul 31: Last day for new TRA Memberships and Upgrades

Aug 18: Pre-registration ends

Sep 2: Fall Board Mtg