Long Range Planning Proposal Solicitation

It is that time of year again to start thinking about potential improvements and expansions to the TRA Property and OTR Event as we look to the future of our event and utilization of the property.

While TRA may not be able to immediately fund or execute a project due to ongoing site enhancements, this does not mean that a project is not worthy of funding and implementation at some point in the near future.  Remember the proposals submitted to our committee are for long range planning.

Please complete this Project Proposal form if you have an idea for a project or expenditure that you would like to have considered in the long-range plans for the TRA Property and OTR.  Project Proposal submissions received after Friday, February 16th, 2024 at 10:00 PM will not be reviewed for deliberation at the 2023 LRPC winter meeting.

The purpose of the TRA Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is to advise the TRA Board of Trustees on the merit of various projects proposed to enhance the TRA Property that is used for OTR and by groups that rent the TRA Property outside of the time the property is utilized for OTR.  During the deliberations of the LRPC, we keep in mind the TRA Site Vision Statement (2019PC1) that was written by the LRCP and approved at the 2019 Spring TRA Board of Trustees Meeting:  “The TRA Site Vision Statement:  To provide a sustainable venue capable of supporting the annual OTR event with a regular attendance of 2000 persons”.

The LRPC reviews each project proposed and makes recommendations based on a project’s contribution to the OTR experience, enhancement to the utilization of the TRA property by third parties, and the level of planning and forethought that has gone into the project.  If a project is supported by the LRPC, it is presented to the TRA Budget Committee for funding consideration and then it is forwarded to the TRA Board of Trustees for deliberation, approval, or denial.

Please feel free to contact me at shack@cooterspub.com should you have any questions concerning the submission of a Project Proposal Form for consideration by the LRPC.

TRA Long Range Planning Committee