OTR 2023 was an amazing event!  As you well know, OTR does not happen without the dedication, passion, and hard work of many individuals that work either throughout the event or even all year long preparing the site for not only OTR but also for events that are held at the TRA property.

Now is the time to recognize our fellow cavers that volunteer their precious time to push forward with the plans to maximize the use of the TRA property and also to enhance the experience of those that attend OTR.

As you are preparing for the upcoming holidays, please take a moment to reflect on your time spent at OTR and / or at the TRA property.  Is there an individual or two that you noticed working tirelessly to further the experience at OTR for the attendees or enhance the site for those that utilize the property during the remainder of the year?

Those special volunteers should be recognized!  Please take a few moments and consider filling out a nomination form for those special people for a TRA award.  Nomination forms for a Fellow Award, Paul Stevens Award for Distinguished Service, and the Robbie Outstanding Service Award are online and will only take a few moments of your time to complete.

The nomination forms for the Robbie, Stevens and Fellow Awards can be found at: TRA Awards – OTR.ORG

TRA Awards Committee Chairman