OTR 2021 Entertainment / Event Schedule

Noon, OTR opens and welcomes all cavers in celebration of our 71st Reunion
Noon – 1am, Registration Open
Noon – 4pm, OTR Museum Open
Noon, OTR Survey Contest, Poster Contest, Scavenger Hunt, and OTR Trivia & Cave Quiz Contests begins, forms can be picked up at Registration
6pm – 7:30pm, Opening Ceremony / Memorial Tribute, Memorial Garden
8pm, Welcoming of OTR Virgins at the Bonfire
8:30pm, Lighting of the Bonfire
9pm – midnight, Grateful Gary performs, Pavilion
9:30pm, OTR Virgin & Sponsor Reception, Event Tent

Friday Schedule
9am – 1am           Registration Open
11am—4 pm       OTR Museum Open
Noon                   ♪The Raunchy River Jam (River Stage)♪
1– 3 pm               5th ROOTs and TOOTS Gathering (Cooters)
5pm-7pm             ♪Shanty Irish with Hillary Klug (Cooters)♪
8-8:30pm            ♪Hillary Klug (Pavilion)♪
9pm-12am          ♪The Hillbilly Gypsies (Pavilion)♪

Saturday Schedule

7:30 am               5K Run/Walk (meet at Front Gate 7am)
9am-9pm             Registration open
10 am                  The 34th Annual Doo Dah Parade
11am—4 pm       OTR Museum Open
11:30am              ‘Batman the Magician’ (Pavilion)
12 pm                  The 5th Annual Bubbles Fun Run (Pavilion)
12pm                  ♪The Raunchy River Jam (River Stage)♪
12-2:45pm         ♪Grateful Gary (Cooters)♪
12:30pm              Children’s Activities after Batman(Pavilion)
1pm                     Town Hall Meeting (Pavilion)
1pm                     Long Range Planning Committee (Cooterville)
4-4:30pm           ♪Hillary Klug (Bonfire)♪
4pm                    Home Brewers Forum (TAFO Campsite)
4:30pm               Panoramic Photo We need Everyone! (Pavilion)
5-7pm                ‘Truce Dinner’ featuring comics Jon Yeager and Stewart Huff (Pavilion)
7:30-8pm          ♪Hillary Klug (Bonfire)♪
Dusk (~8pm)      Special Bonfire Burn
Dusk (~8pm)      Movie (Crawl –In Theatre)
9pm-12am        ♪Rock-A-Sonics + Flea Bops (Pavilion)♪

Sunday Schedule
8am                           Gathering of Believers Non-Denominational Service (Memorial Garden)
9am-6pm                   Registration open
9am-1pm                   Yard Sale (Pavilion)
9am-4pm                   TRA Elections (Pavilion)
9:30am                      TRA Board Meeting (Event Tent)
10am                         NCRC Eastern Regional Annual Meeting (All welcome at the Dome)
10:30-12pm               OTR Quilters Guild Meeting (Cooters)
11am—4 pm              OTR Museum Open
2-5pm                       ♪River Party with Jacobs Ferry Stragglers♪ (River Stage)
7-7:30pm                    Buck Dancing Lessons with Hillary Klug (Pavilion)
7:30-8pm                  ♪Hillary Klug Solo Performance♪(Pavilion)
8pm                            TRA Awards Ceremony (Pavilion)
9pm                            BAND AID with ♪Buzzz City♪ 10th Anniversary Performance (Pavilion)