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If you would like to nominate a TRA member for the Robbie Robertson Outstanding Service Award, please fill out the information requested below.  A successful award nomination will provide a clear description of the nominee's accomplishments for the awards committee to review.


The Robbie Robertson Outstanding Service Award stands as a testament to outstanding service and enduring dedication to The Robertson Association. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon TRA members who have made significant and lasting contributions, sometimes spanning a lifetime, to the growth and progression of The Robertson Association and Old Timers Reunion. Recipients of The Robbie must have actively demonstrated, through their actions, a profound commitment and dedication to the organization's goals, leaving an indelible positive mark on its overall success. Their impactful support is recognized for fortifying the well-being of the organization, benefiting all members, even if the recipient might not be universally known.

  • To qualify for this honor, recipients must be members in good standing and have attended the Annual Meeting for at least ten (10) consecutive years prior to their nomination for this award.
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The Robbie Robertson Award recipient will have provided at least one significant positive contribution to change the organization for the better. Please describe in detail the single most important contribution that this nominee has made for The Robertson Association.
Please provide a clear and detailed description of additional sustained accomplishments and contributions to the Robertson Association for the past 10 years. This will help the awards committee to review your recommendation.
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