TRA Board

If you were not already aware, The Robertson Association (or TRA), was named after the founder of Old Timers Reunion (Robbie Robertson, for whom our highest award —the Robbie— also is named). Among many other activities (like wedding receptions and NSS Conventions), OTR is a festival that takes place on the property that TRA owns. Although OTR and TRA are hand-in-hand partners, it is The Robertson Association that maintains a governing Board of Trustees for it to exist as a legally-recognized nonprofit organization. Therefore, it is only right and fitting to acknowledge and honor here those esteemed individuals of TRA. If you see and recognize any of them, be sure to thank them for their service!

While we’re in the process of explanations, the Chairperson position at OTR is a two-year commitment. The Chair decides the theme, manages the budget and makes all critical decisions. The Vice Chair, in effect, ‘trains’ for the Chair job for two years and then takes over. And so on and so forth.

If you have any further comments or questions, you’re invited to attend the TRA Town Hall Meeting, which is an open forum that takes place Saturday from 1:30-2:30pm in the Pavilion. Your TRA Trustees will be there, and you can ask them just about anything at that time. Hashtag: transparency!

2019-2021 TRA Board and Officers

Tim Brown – President

John Vitela – Administrative Vice President

Ben Mirabile – Operations Vice President

Pat Cuttier – Treasurer

Scott E. Baker – Membership Secretary

Lor Windle – Recording Secretary


Life Trustees  (followed by OTR # each was Chair)

Thomas ‘Tom’ J. C. Williams, Jr. (26-27)

John C. ‘Chuck’ Hempel (32-33)

Bill Bradwell (38-39)

Kelley L. Deem (44-45)

E.Ray Garton (46-47)

Sharon Brinkman-Windle (48-49)

Vic Ward (50-51)

Chris ‘Fang’ Kramer-Harnage (52-53)

Mike Oatney (54-55)

Tim Brown (58-59)

Jim Forsythe (60-61)

Charlie Williams (62-63)

Stephen Owens (64-65)

Lor Windle (66-67)

Sarah Mosberg (68-69)

David “Shack” Shackelford (70-71)

Ben Mirabile (72-73) Temporary Trustee

Elected Trustees

Steve Luke (2nd term, expiring in 2021)

Norma Peacock (1st term, expiring 2021)

Hannah Davis (2nd term, expiring in 2022)

Rich Geisler (1st term, expiring in 2022)