Volunteer Opportunities

Individuals and grottos are encouraged to volunteer during the event. Find out what it takes to make this great event a success. This year, Contests are piloting a program for a new Grotto Participation Award with a $250 cash prize. See the Contest Annex Board in Cooters for complete set of rules and to choose your assignments.

Ranked in order of maximum points possible:

  • Trash pick up¬†runs with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Denny and David Woods.
    • Maximum 4 points per run. See Dave or Denny.
  • Contests:¬†Maximum 3 points per hour shift
    • Data entry, errands, ice runs, delivering and posting up to date results, poster contest, etc. See Sharon.
  • Coot n Holler: maximum 3 points
    • Orientation mandatory. Job includes delivering newsletters at 5:45 am to various locations around campsite. Takes longer if traveling by foot, suitable for a person on a bike. Opportunity for one person. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. See Carol or Bill Jackson.
  • Gate duty
    • 1 point for each hour daytime, 2 points each hour between 8 pm and 8 am. Maximum 3 grotto members per time slot to get points. See Torie or be checked in by Security at night.
  • Med Tent
    • Assist with Ice Sales 1 point per hour shift. See Senior medical staff.
  • Registration
    • Duties as assigned, 1-point daytime hours, 2 points 8 pm-8am. See Kat or Bobbi.
  • Sauna
    • Must be 21 and willing to abide by sauna norms
    • Three-hour shift equals 3 points daytime, 6 points nighttime hours, orientation mandatory. Duties are to help keep equipment functioning and patrons safe. See Rich Geisler
  • Cooters
    • Must be 21, have good personality and customer service orientation. Theatrical ability a plus. 1 point for each hour. Duties may include tidying up the place, pouring beer or as assigned. See Sharon or Sidney
  • Brew Crew, must be 21, and willing to do orientation if you have not helped before.
    • 2 points for each two hour shift through Saturday night. See Jean Devries.