Modifying A Registration or Buying Merch After Registering

Hello All,

Since some of the merch is preorder only you might run into the situation where you’ve already registered but you want to buy more merch or change some of your information! Luckily this year there’s a way to do that.

  1. Open the Confimation Email you got when you registered.
  2. Look for the section that looks like below:
  3. a. If you do not have the “Set Up Account Now” link click the View Receipt button and look for the following section:

    b. If you have the “Set Up Account Now” link, click on it.
  4. You should see this section on the left. Click on the “Claim My Account” button.
  5. From there you should see a screen like below. Use the same email you used to register and click the “Send Me The Link” button. Then go check your email.
  6.  You should receive and email that looks like below. Click the “Activate your Account” button (or copy and paste the link into your browser).
  7. That should bring you to the page below where you need to enter a password.
  8. From there it will bring log you into a page with three tabs on the top. The one we’re interested in is “Registrations”. From there find the listing you’re interested in (likely you’ll only have one where the name is OTR 2018, this is a test account I set up) and click the “View Details” link for it.
  9. That will drop you onto a page that looks like below (censored for person data). From here there are a number of options you can do. See sections below for more details.


Adding another Registrant

If you’d like to add another registrant you can click the “Add Registrant” button and filling out the form but I would suggest just  going back through


Adding Merchandise (or Modify Registration)

  1. Find the appropriate registrant that you want to add merchandise to and click the “Edit” button associated with their row.
  2. You should be presented with a page that looks like the below.
  3. From here you can modify most fields related to the registration. NOTE: You cannot make changes that will result in a refund! If you wish to make that type of change please contact
  4. If you’re specifically looking to add merchandise (or change guests) you’ll be looking for the fields that look like below. You can make the appropriate changes to these field.
  5. Once you’ve made your changes scroll to the bottom and you’ll see something like below. Note the new total and click the “Save” or “Cancel” button as appropriate.

Good Luck and let us know if you have any issues at