Wanted: Obstacle Course Volunteers

After nearly a decade, The Mud Ducks Grotto has resigned as coordinators and judges of the OTR Speleolympics Obstacle Course. OTR contests do not happen without dedicated volunteers. Gary Southerly, from Mud Ducks Grotto, has generously offered his time to help with the design during a planned TRA Work Weekend this summer. The Contest Committee is recruiting either a single grotto to assume full responsibility, or job sharing among two or more grottos.  Multiple photos were taken of the Obstacle Course last year. These photos can serve as a guide to the grotto that wants to coordinate the Obstacle Course or it can be redesigned based on the ideas of the grotto that wants to volunteer to oversee the Obstacle Course. Once the Obstacle Course has been set-up, the OTR Safety Committee will be available to review the layout for any potential safety concerns.


OTR needs you! Volunteers make this happen.


Contact Sharon Brinkman-Windle with questions at sharon.brinkmanwindle@gmail.com or by phone at 304-379-7997. She can answer your questions and help facilitate early arrival, etc.


  • Early arrival privileges,
  • Staff t-shirts,
  • Beverages and snacks throughout the day,
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided on Saturday (Friday negotiable if you want to run Friday afternoon or a Style Challenge after dark).
  • Points will be awarded towards the Grotto Participation Contest (now paying three places in cash Sunday night.) 3 points per hour working the contest.
  • Most contests will be held on Saturday August 31st.

The Obstacle Course has been a favorite at OTR for decades and we would hate to see it end this year. Step up, have fun, and join us to make the event a success. You can commit to set-up, judging the event (take 3-4 people for sign-ups and spotters), all day, half day or join the tear down team on Saturday late afternoon. Typically, the Mud Ducks have arrived for the work week prior to OTR, set up camp and taken their time to design, install and test the course. This can be done in a shorter period, depending on the age and determination of the grotto. Early arrivals are limited, so this is a great opportunity to get to know how the event is put together, make new friends, and relax before the OTR begins.