Making the Most of Your OTR Experience

Old Timers Reunion has an incredible lineup of amenities and activities, and deciding what to do is like deciding which of your collection of vinyl Disco records are the best ones. Is there time for me to try everything? Here are some suggestions:

~ OTR is a reunion of friends. Make a point of strolling through the grounds and meeting new people. You’ll find that all the cavers here are friendly and welcoming. You’ll be glad you did! – If this is your first time at OTR, then you’re officially a ‘Virgin’. Embrace and enjoy the designation, wear your ’Virgin’ badge proudly and meet at the bonfire just before the lighting (on Thur.) to receive an OTR Virgin Guide. It’s a great way to meet new friends and familiarize yourself with all the events. You’ll be returning year after year, but you’re only an OTR Virgin once! After the Bonfire Lighting, head on over to the Event Tent, at the far end of Vendors Row, for a Virgin Reception and Orientation!

~ Don’t miss the Event Tent. Similar to the informative sessions at NSS Convention, OTR has lots of interesting speakers and topics for you to check out. See the schedule posted outside the Event Tent.

~ Check out the Activity Board (next-door to the Event Tent) where you’ll find opportunities to go off-site for some above- or below-ground adventures.

~ OTR is a Caving event that offers plenty of excellent live music throughout the weekend. Take a look at the Entertainment pages in this Guidebook and find out what bands are playing.

~ Don’t sleep in on Saturday morning or you will miss the Doo-Dah Parade! See if your grotto wants to enter!

~ Wearing a costume for Saturday night at the Pavilion is an OTR tradition! Dress up and join us for the Disco Dance Party, featuring King Town Disco and Funk, an 11-piece Disco/Funk dance band. It’s “the best party of your life,” so put on your boogie shoes and get ready to boogie-oogie-oogie ‘till you just can’t boogie no more!