OTR 2020 Status Update 4/29/2020

Members and Friends of TRA:

The Members of the TRA Executive Committee (EC) along with the OTR 2020 Chairman have been closely following and discussing the COVID-19 situation and the potential impact regarding OTR 2020.

The OTR Chairman, in consultation with the OTR Crew Chiefs, has advised the EC and TRA Board of cut off dates for procuring and obtaining supplies necessary for OTR 2020 to occur as planned.  Of course, the primary focus of the EC, OTR Chairman, and the TRA Board is the safety of our members, guests, and the local community.

Today, the TRA Board voted to make a final decision July 1st, 2020 regarding whether or not OTR will be held this year.

As a reminder, the TRA property remains closed to all work weekends and projects on the site.


TRA Executive Committee and Chairman, OTR 2020