Considering Pre-Registration?

Want to get into OTR and set up camp faster?  Consider pre-registering!  In concordance with guidelines set forth by the State of West Virginia,  we are streamlining the registration process to minimize queuing when we open the gates on Thursday.   By now, we all know that our internet service in Dailey is not the fastest out there.  By preregistering, you are helping take the burden off our limited internet at the site.  Further, the Registration, Security, and Staff teams are working hard to make sure the check-in process is as streamlined as possible this year for those who have pre-registered.  If you choose to register on site, you can expect to be at the mercy of our limited internet service.  If you are pre-registered, we will have special express check in lanes for you this year.  Our plan is to quickly verify your ID, confirm your registration, get you your badge, and get you off to your camp as quickly as possible. We are working hard to make sure that we can handle a large volume of pre-registrations in the shortest time possible.  Short story: if you want in quicker, consider pre-registering!