Hillary Klug: Musician-at-Large

For the first time ever, OTR with have an internationally acclaimed Musician-at-Large entertaining us all weekend.

Hillary is a one-of-a-kind singing/buck-dancing/fiddle-playing phenom from Nashville. Ms. Klug has been the National Buck Dancing Champion and started out spending a great deal of time honing her craft as a hugely successful street performer in Nashville. She now plays at venues all over America where she is a magnet for all Traditional American Music and Dance lovers.

Hillary will be doing 2 independent scheduled performances each day at OTR on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and, as our “OTR Artist at Large”, Ms. Klug is sure to pop up on stage with any of the talented performers at Old Timers 2021 to join them for a song or two.

Here is Hillary’s message to us from last year’s pandemic-cancelled OTR.