1950 Society

The 1950 Society would like to welcome its members and prospective members to a wine and cheese reception at the Event Tent at 8:00 pm on Friday.  The 1950 Society was formed to ensure that OTR would continue to go on even in the midst of an unexpected interruption–like a flood or a fire or a global pandemic that shut down OTR for two years.  Our members have pledged resources to ensure that OTR can continue no matter what the world might bring.  Given the past two years, we need the 1950 Society more than ever.  If you are a member, I cordially invite you.  If you are thinking about it, I also cordially invite you.  Come share a pleasant evening with us and learn about our mission and our passion.  I hope to see you there.

Most cordially yours,
Fred Mullner
Chairman, 1950 Society