WHO’s WHO of OTR…And our Caving Community

The OTR Museum was started by Dale Ibberson in 1999. It was taken over by Lizette Molina after his passing in 2009. Vic Ward assumed the duties with his wife Darlene in 2017. They have passed on the mantle to me, Steve Luke, and Patty Biddison, who is the daughter of Dale. We will try to do honor to the legacy that is OTR.

I am starting a project for the OTR Museum because as of now, we have artifacts and tangible items. However, what we do not have are stories. I have gone almost every year to the memorial up at Lutz’ Rock and I see the list of names growing. I want to preserve YOUR history before it’s gone. I want to capture the stories of days gone by before there is no one left to tell them. I also want stories of those who can no longer tell us told by those who are still around to tell us. I don’t just want stories of those who were icons of caving, though I still want stories from other perspectives.

I also want EVERYONE’s story. This archive will be your legacy. It will be there to inform people who you were 20, 30, maybe even a hundred years from now. You may not think you are significant, but you are to somebody. You may have just started in caving, so this archive will be updateable. If you become a committee chair, you will be able to update it. A new story? Definitely! We’ll add it. And so on.

I would like significant information about you or who you are writing about. OTR stories. What have you done within the OTR community or your caving community or grotto? This is YOUR story (or the story of who you are writing about). If you are writing about someone who has passed, let us know. If you are writing about someone living, please get their approval first and let them add specifics.

Why am I doing this? Preserving history. We have names on Lutz’ Rock that can no longer tell their story. Someday, your grandkids might want to know a little about you. When your great-great grandkid is pushing a lead in a cave on Mars, they might be able to regale to their friends a story about you while taking a break.

Please make sure that these are positive stories. Stories of questionable behavior may be edited, and stories of an unkind nature will not be tolerated and will be rejected. However, I would contact you on the premise of your self-editing before discarding the story.

Please forward your stories to Steve Luke at OldTimersReunionMuseum@gmail.com

Whos-Who Story Submission.pdf