Cooters Pub

Cooters celebrated a huge milestone last OTR by becoming a COOT!  It’s hard to believe that Cooters has been a part of OTR for over 20 years.  We have enjoyed growing each year with the goal of providing a quality product and exceptional experience for our patrons.  Part of the Cooters COOT celebration last year included completely changing the beverage selection and distribution available at Cooters.  In the past, there have only been three different beers on tap at one time with one of them always being Guinness.  A few years ago, Cooters began offering locally brewed beer from Big Timber Brewing Company.  The addition of beer from Big Timber was so popular that last year Cooters partnered with Big Timber and they graciously provided us the use of their beverage trailer.  This allowed Cooters to offer many different Big Timber beers (and of course Guinness) on tap at the same time.  This change was well received and appreciated by the loyal patrons at Cooters.  We are pleased to announce that this year, Cooters will once again have use of the same beverage trailer that was used last year. This will allow us to offer many different styles of craft beer at same time.

Cooters is very close to paying off the loan that was used to construct the wonderful structure that is now provides shelter to those that visit Cooters during OTR.  The loan balance is down to $6600 and it is only because of the continued generosity of the loyal patrons at Cooters. Let’s see if we can have a “mortgage burning party” soon!  We have more plans for the future of Cooters both at OTR and for use on the TRA property.  The plans for the future encompass the third and final phase of the Cooters Structure Project.  Upon completion of the third phase of the Cooters Structure Project, Cooters will be a self sustaining asset to OTR and TRA.  Details about the specifics related to Phase Three of the Cooters Structure Project will be available soon.

One of the things that Cooters is most proud of is holding true to its vision statement that the Cooters Structure will be available as a multi-use structure during OTR and throughout the year for those that rent the TRA property for an event.  The Cooters structure is used by a multitude of groups during OTR and also throughout the year.  During OTR, the Cooters structure provides a comfortable and dry place to gather and enjoy a quality beverage while relaxing and observing OTR from a prime viewing area.  Other uses of the Cooters structure during OTR have included: grotto meetings, campsite friends reunions / parties, musical performances, annual meeting of the OTR Quilter’s Guild, TRA committee meetings, affinity group gatherings, and many more.  During the rest of the year, the Cooters structure has been used by various church groups, family reunions, fraternal organizations, and there was even a wedding that was conducted in the Cooters structure.

The growth and existence of Cooters has been a “hand in hand” relationship.  On one hand, there is a group of OTR volunteers that work very hard to provide an incredible service and awesome experience to those attending OTR.  On the other hand is you, the loyal patron of Cooters.  It is your continued patronage, fellowship, and enjoyment of time spent at Cooters that has propelled Cooters from its humble beginnings to where it is now.

The Staff at Cooters are looking forward to welcoming you back to OTR, raising a pint with you, and toasting to what lies ahead in the future.