Event Tent Presentation: Cave Rescue in the Eastern Region

Ever wonder what happens if you don’t come back from a cave trip on time? Or if your family and friends start to panic because they think you should be back already? Or what happens if someone on your trip gets hurt or sick and needs more help to exit the cave than the cavers on your trip can provide?

This presentation will tell you

  1. How the Eastern Region of the National Cave Rescue Commission (ER, NCRC) is organized.
  2. What you can do ahead of time to increase the chances that someone will come looking for you sooner rather than later, if you are overdue on your cave trip.
  3. What you should do if someone on your trip needs to be rescued.
  4. What the Eastern Region will do if they receive a call concerning a person overdue or injured in a cave.
  5. How you can get cave rescue training.

Some members of the ER, NCRC  Staff, including the Regional Coordinator and several of the Sub-Region Coordinators will be available to answer questions.

This presentation will be followed by the showing of OUT OF THE DARK, a documentary on the Thai Cave Rescue, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company for their television program FOUR SQUARE.

Please join us on Saturday Afternoon, time posted on-site when determined!