OTR Gong Show

Does anyone remember Chuck Barris?  If you guessed the 1976 – 1980 host of the Gong Show then you’re correct!  This year, we will have our own version of the OTR Gong Show.  We will host a Gong Show style variety show that occurs on Friday evening before the band performs.  It will be done in the same style of the classic Gong Show.  We are planning our own version of the popular 1970’s variety / talent show from the 1970’s complete with a witty host, sarcastic but honest judges, and of course a giant gong.  Now is your chance to showcase your individual / group talent for your fellow cavers.  There will be categories for individuals and groups.  Start working now on an individual or group talent act to perform at the OTR Gong Show.

For planning purposes, it is necessary for individuals / groups to sign-up ahead of time.  A few walk-up acts will be accepted based on time allowance.  Start thinking of now of your talent that you would like to showcase during the OTR Gong Show.  Sign-ups for the OTR Gong Show will go online via the OTR website this summer.