The OTR Auction Returns!

Remember when you used to be able to buy an “auction-sized” wetsuit? Well, this year you will have that chance again as the OTR Auction will be revived. The OTR Auction sold the first item up for bid during OTR 1978. Thousands of caving related items has been sold during the several decades that the OTR Auction existed. The OTR Auction was not only a great place to purchase caving related gear, but it was also a great source of entertainment to those that attended. The original OTR Auctioneer was notorious for using wit, humor, and an extensive knowledge in his description of items up for bid. In fact, many attended the OTR Auction just to be entertained by the OTR Auctioneer.

It is with great pleasure and honor that it is announced that the 2019 OTR Auction will feature the original OTR Auctioneer from 1978. He has agreed to dust off his bell-bottoms and wide lapels to auction off caving related items during a revival of the OTR Auction. Start looking through your closets and garages now to bring down to OTR to place in the OTR Auction. Details concerning the auction and what will be accepted (we don’t want to auction off seven cases of MRE’s and 86 editions of the NSS Newsletters individually) will be published soon. Bring some of your old gear and collectibles that you don’t want anymore and drop them off to be auctioned off during the OTR Auction. Who knows, you might even make enough for a corndog and beer from Cooters from the proceeds from the sale of your donated gear.