A word from the Gatekeeper.

Thanks to Tori for all her past years managing the gate.  I will strive to do a great job in taking over this responsibility.

I also want to thank everyone for there past and future time volunteering at the gate.

I hope to bring a few changes to the gate to make everyone’s time volunteering more fun and enjoyable.

  1. I have put together a schedule that will be printed out “poster-size” that shows all of the time slots at a glance, (See Below).  My hope is this will make it easier for everyone to know what times there grottos have made commitments for and what times are in need of volunteers.
  2. Hopefully (No promises) we will be adding Wi-Fi to the gate so the late night volunteers can stream a movie or music to make the time go by faster.
  3. I will be adding some OTR “theme” decorations to the gate each year.  This year I will be setting up some “Disco Mirror Balls” and other props to go with the OTR ’70s theme.  I want to encourage others to get into the “GROOVE” during your time volunteering at the gate. Halter Tops, Hot Pants, Bell bottoms and Disco Shirts are just a few suggestions.

In regards to Volunteer sign-ups below is the new schedule.  I will strive to put grottos and people in the same time slots as they have had in the past.  If you don’t see your grotto’s name or your name or see “TENTATIVE” below your grotto’s name please have your grotto representative email me at  gatemgr@otr.org or GateVolunteer@otr.org to add or confirm your time slot.

OTR Gate Sign Up 2019-08-07


Roger June