Don’t miss out on a Bob and Bob Memorial Shirt


Bob Liebman and Bob Addis started Bob & Bob in the summer of 1972. The first caving event they sold goods at was ‘OTR 1972’ at the Mill outside of Franklin, West Virginia, attended by about 350 cavers.

This year, Amanda Willis has designed a commemorative Bob Liebman carbide lamp t-shirt following Bob’s traditions of not repeating colors or type of carbide lamp featured. The color ‘heather purple’ was never used before and purple was chosen since it was Bob’s favorite color. His cat, and mascot “Froggie”, who traveled the country to caving events with Bob is featured in the design pawing a helmet with Bob’s NSS number on it looking for Bob. The featured cap lamp was never used before. It is a rare “Fulton” – Hunters Special lamp, made for E.M. Haw company, a hardware store in Huntington, WV. This lamp was chosen as it was made for West Virginia, Bob’s adopted home state, and it came out of his personal collection.

So many cavers, and caver’s kids who grew up at OTR, purchased caving gear, carbide lamp t-shirts and even cylumes from Bob. It seems fitting that for the 70th OTR, we bring back a tradition that was started in the early 70s!  Don’t miss out on this special T-shirt as it will most likely will be the last of it’s kind!  RIP Bob!

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