First Time OTR Attendee?

If this is your first time attending OTR, you are affectionately referred to as a “Virgin”…and we all LOVE our OTR Virgins! On Thursday, before the first Bonfire is lit, there will be a special ceremony just for you! You will be greeted and be presented with your Virgin Guide filled with fun tasks to enhance your first OTR. After the Bonfire lighting, head on down to the Event Tent located at the far end of Vendors row for a Special Welcoming Party for OTR Virgins and Their Sponsors. You just may be able to get a couple of items off your list of “to-dos” knocked off!

No worries for those who cannot arrive on Thursday, pick up your Virgin Guide at Registration when you register or at Cooters where your friendly Beer-tender can give you one and even a “to-do” check off!