Military Tribute

This is the “last call” to either submit your information or for you to gently remind your friend that has served our country in the military to submit their information so that all deserving current and past members of the military present at OTR are properly celebrated and recognized.  On Saturday evening during the Disco Party, we will take a short break to recognize and celebrate OTR attendees that have served in the military.

Kindly reach out to your fellow cavers that attend OTR and share the following information:

If you are currently serving in the military (whether it be US or Canadian), or if you have previously served in the military (again it can be either US or Canadian); please send an e-mail to: that includes the following information:

  1. Name of the OTR Attendee that will be attending OTR 2019 that either currently serves in the military or has served in the military (either US military or Canadian military).
  2. Military Rank of the OTR Attendee that will be attending OTR 2019.
  3. Branch of Service of the OTR Attendee that will attending OTR 2019.

This information will need to be submitted to: by July 18th, 2019.  Please indicate “OTR Military” in the subject line of the e-mail.  Please don’t delay on getting this information submitted, as I want to make sure that all deserving members of our military family are included in the military tribute at OTR.