Caving at OTR

While OTR is a Cavers Reunion of old and friends we have not met yet, there are quite a few people who take advantage of being in Cave Country for 3 days and go caving.

You can find the OTR Off-Site Activities Guide at Registration (insurance coverage prohibits us from ‘officially’ offering OTR cave trips). Please also check the Activity Board at the far end of Vendors Row across from First Aid, where you might be able to join a trip with other OTR cavers. If you go caving (or off-site for any reason, really), please leave a ‘Drop Dead Time’ with a friend or at the Gate –and then please stick to it. If you don’t leave a DDT or are late, a rescue will be initiated, requiring significant manpower. Please also decontaminate your caving clothing, boots and equipment before and after cave trips, due to White Nose Syndrome. In any case, cave responsibly and stick to your DDT!

Caver Information Sheet

We strongly recommend before leaving on a cave trip that you complete a Caver Information Sheet (CIS) and leave it with a designated Emergency Contact. You can find a blank CIS at the Activities Board, First Aid, Registration, Gate, and the bulletin board at the Coot ‘n Holler. The CIS also may be found here if you would like to fill it out and print one before you leave home.