OTR SpeleoArtWalk…2019

The OTR SpeleoArtWalk will show techniques with various sketching tools and mediums will be taught along the way. Learn how to use graphite, pen and fine pencil. Learn skills of shading, contour, texture, and how to work with negative space. Learn how to arrange interesting rock shapes and look at mineral shapes, and how to use cave photographs to create your own artwork to take home.

Meet Carolina Shrewsbury Saturday, 10 am at The Event Tent and take a sketch walk around the campground with her looking for sketching treasures to create a story and enter the competition to have your story published in the Arts and Letters Section magazine, ILLUMINATIONS and shown in the new Fine Arts Salon 2020 at Convention in Elkins, WV

Do bring your own photos and great ideas! Some materials provided..

Arts and Letters Section Members FREE
Non-members- $5