Registration Tips

OTR 2019 opens at 12 noon on Thursday, 8/29/2019, and here are some tips to make it go smoother so you can go set up camp and start your party.

~ First thing to unpack when you enter the gates is your patience. The Registration and IT Staff are all volunteers and sometimes technology has glitches!

~ Make sure you have your photo ID available or you will be registered as Under-21. This is needed if you Pre-Registered too!

~ If you have your TRA Card or Number bring it along. It’ll speed things up a little.

~ If you are Sponsoring a Guest or two, enter their information into the Registration System.

~ If you are a Sponsored Guest, have the first and last name of your Sponsor. Their “Caver Name” probably is not in the TRA Database.

~ If you are paying the registration fees by check, please make payable to¬†“OTR 2019”.

Looking forward to see you all at our reunion of family, friends, friends who have become family and friends we have not yet met!