Virtual Charity Poker Tournament

Cooters is proud to announce that we will host another virtual Charity Poker Tournament. On January 2nd, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST, we will gather on-line for an evening of fellowship, fun, and great poker.  Everyone registering for the Cooters 2021 New Year’s Charity Poker Tournament will be seated at the same time and we will continue to play until the last chip is collected by the winner. The registration fee to enter the Tournament will go to help offset the projected decrease for the 71st OTR registration income. Historically, the winner of the annual Cooters Poker Tournaments has been restricted to bragging rights and a trophy.  If there are 50 paid participants for the New Year’s Tournament, then the winner will receive free admission to the 71st OTR!  Spread the word to fellow poker players; we can spend an evening playing poker and if enough OTR poker fanatics register for the tournament, then the winner will win free admission to the 71st OTR!