Cooters 2021 New Year’s Poker Tournament

The Cooters 2021 New Year’s Tournament was an enormous success and all the players had an incredible time playing the  traditional poker game of Texas Hold ‘Em. It was a great way to interact with friends while playing the game that is enjoyed at OTR. There were 12 players and the tournament time was 3 hours and 23 mins, including the 20 mins for breaks

In addition to being able to spend the evening together playing cards (albeit virtually), we raised $350 dollars that will go to the 71st OTR budget to help offset an anticipated decrease in registration income from those that may not attend due to COVID-19.  The funds raised will help insure that the 71st OTR will have the same amenities and events that we have come to love and enjoy.

Congratulations to Robert Griffith, Fred “Fox” Mullner and Doug Fulton who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the tournament and won these trophies that were donated


Is there any interest in participating in the Cooters St. Patrick’s Poker Tournament??? Mark your calendars and look out for additional information coming soon!