Introduction of the Virgins

With the increase of number of guests a TRA Member can sponsor this year, there will be more OTR Virgins to welcome on Thursday evening at the first Bonfire lighting ceremony. This is where they are able to pick up their Virgin Guide, a fun way to meet others around camp and get the lay of the land, so to speak. If you arrive after the opening bonfire, your Virgins can get a Virgin Guide at Registration, Cooters or find the OTR Chairman, Shack, or Vice Chairman, Ben. They should have some copies on them and you can even get the first signatures!

We have had the Virgin Guides since the 2011 OTR and it’s a great way to help show your first-time OTR guest around and a great ice-breaker. Have fun with it! Go out and meet some other cavers whose paths you may not have crossed yet!

See you at OTR!