Saturday Night at the Pavilion Stage

The snow is starting to melt, and our hearts are warming up with anticipation of OTR 2022.  It has been a long winter and a very long time since our family has spent time together at OTR.  We are excited to announce that one of the bands for OTR 2022 is part of our “family” since they performed an incredible, high energy, and pavilion-stuffing show four years ago.

Make sure that you bring a comfortable pair of shoes to OTR 2022 as Black Masala will once again provide an incredible night of dancing in the Main Pavilion on Saturday night!!!

Black Masala performed at the 69th OTR in 2018 to a packed crowd in the Main Pavilion.  Based out of Washington, DC., Kristen, Mike, and the rest of the band are looking forward to coming back to OTR in 2022 for our family reunion.  We’re looking forward to a night of amazing brass, funk, rock, and high energy songs as we celebrate our reunion at OTR once again.

Check out Black Masala on their website at: to get a glimpse of what awaits us at OTR 2022 as we celebrate our family reunion!

Check out this YouTube link of Black Masala doing what Black Masala does best!