OTR Bulletin Board

Have you seen the OTR Bulletin Board on the North End of Vendor’s Row near the Event Tent? It focuses on Caving Trips and Caving specific communications.

Individuals and groups planning trips may post information on their trip, such as the level of difficulty (walking, crawling, wet, vertical, etc), equipment needed, time to meet, how to find them, etc…

Persons wanting to take a trip can post their wishes, including level of experience and contact information.

Also welcome is any above-ground activities you all have planned, hiking, float trips, ride to the grocery store, anything at all. The goal is to network!

This is a NEW idea and it needs your support to take off. Unfortunately OTR cannot organize trips due to event insurance restrictions. We hope to increase the amount of caving and caving networking that occurs by providing a centralized place for people to post planned trips and publicize.  Just think, you can meet even MORE great people attending OTR!