5th Bubbles Fun Run

Saturday September 3rd, 2022 12:00 PM.
Meet at the Pavilion.
Time for your yearly reminder to find your red dress and boa for the 5th Bubbles Fun Run! 2019 was our biggest and best year yet and we look forward to 2022! It starts at the pavilion at 12pm where you will chug a beer and then start the trek around the OTR grounds. There is lots of stops along the way and will end at Lutz Rock for a celebratory Bubbles Fun Shine and comradery! This year the number of campsites and grottos participating as stops has grown so the course will be a bit longer. I will attach a rough draft of the course with the stops that we know are participating and update as OTR gets closer. We plan to have more water stops also and as a reminder you do not have to drink or participate at all stops if you choose not to. If your campsite would like to participate as a stop and not on the list yet, please send Stacy Mock or Chris Long a message and we will add you as a stop! If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas feel free to send me a message. Looking forward to seeing the fabulous dresses you come up with and celebrating fun and friendship with you all!

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