Event Tent Presentation sign ups

If you’ve got a pet project to share information on, a new cave, a new piece of caving or lore head on over to the Event Tent presentation sign up and choose a time that’s convenient to you to share your info with the caving world (OK, with cavers at OTR anyways).

You don’t have enough for a 30 -60 minute spot?  That’s ok, too!  Just plan to attend our Lighting Talks starting Friday night at 7 pm where you’ve got 10 minutes to talk about whatever caving related topic you can think of!  The TRA Awards committee members have been invited, so if you’d like to bend their ear…well…

Speaking of that, PAST TRA grant recipients are strongly encouraged to present on the use of their grant monies. We’d like to hear how you’ve stewarded the TRA funds you’ve been granted.

Here’s the link to the sign ups. If you have any trouble please send an email to Sarah Mosberg/Dave Fields at: eventtent@otr.org