Calling all ROOTS and TOOTS

The 5th “almost annual” ROOTS & TOOTS Gathering will be held on Friday at Cooters Pub at 1 pm.  If you are a ROOT (40 OTRs attended) or a TOOT (60 OTRs attended), please consider attending the event to spend time in fellowship and camaraderie with fellow cavers that have attended OTR for over four decades.  It’s a perfect time to reunite with friends and share tales of caving and OTR’s from “the good old days”.  In celebration of the 5th ROOTS & TOOTS Gathering, there will be a new addition to the event.  An invitation will be extended to the younger members of our OTR Family.  OTR attendees that are young (up to age 18) and “young at heart” (everyone else) are invited to attend the ROOTS & TOOTS Gathering for a chance to meet some of the original OTR attendees.  There will be a chance for the youth at OTR to listen to stories of OTR’s long ago and ask questions to the ROOTS & TOOTS from 1PM until 1:30PM.  This is an awesome opportunity for the future generation of OTR to hear tales from our cherished long -time attendees. If you plan to attend, bring a photo of yourself, either captured in a cave or at an OTR event to share.