Vintage Photos

Jazz musicians performing on a vibrant stage… Flappers dancing and enjoying a night out…Prohibition era speakeasies with secret entrances… People dressed in elegant 1920s fashion at a party… Gangsters and mobsters in sharp suits and hats… Women protesting for their right to vote. All things that we expect to see this weekend at OTR!

To keep in the spirit of the Roaring ’20s there will be a photographer roaming the fields of OTR!  Keep an eye out for Ryan Maurer and get your photo taken on traditional black and white film with a vintage press camera.  Accompanying him will be his assistant and partner Hope Brooks, high off her recently acquired ability to vote and express herself!  The photos themselves have no fixed fee but Ryan will be collecting donations (cash or Paypal/Venmo) to cover production cost – each photo is nearly $10!  Photos that get processed will be later available for digital download or prints after being developed.  See you around!