Saturday Speakeasy Tour

During the Roaring 20’s, speakeasies emerged as secret establishments where individuals could gather to enjoy alcoholic beverages during the era of Prohibition in the United States. Often hidden behind unmarked doors or in basements, these underground bars became a symbol of rebellion and a place for people to let loose and indulge in hedonistic activities. Despite the illegal nature of the operations, speakeasies thrived and became an integral part of the cultural fabric of the 1920s.Speakeasies were not only places to drink and dance, but they also served as hubs for socializing and networking. The allure of these hidden establishments was in their element of secrecy and the thrill of breaking the law. Patrons would often have to know a secret password or be personally invited by a trusted member to gain access.

Saturday night, right after the Doo Dah Parade, there will be an “OTR Speakeasy Tour”. Sign up your grotto or group at the Contest Office to be included in the tour where you will be judged by both a panel of OTR judges and other OTR attendees who will choose a “People’s Choice Award”. I am sure that bribery and payoffs, which ran rampant during the 20’s, may just get you a coveted award!