Together We Can Do More! Consider Supporting TRA this Giving Tuesday!

As we reflect on the memories and bonds formed at this year’s Old Timers Reunion, we’re reminded of the incredible community that makes our gathering so special. This Giving Tuesday, we’re reaching out with a golden opportunity to channel that shared spirit into something truly impactful. Join us in making a difference by contributing to site improvements that will elevate the Old Timers Reunion experience for years to come. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.

Current Projects in Focus:

First Aid Building Roof Replacement: Our medical building needs some TLC. In order to keep our medical facility running effectively and efficiently the roof needs to be replaced on our First Aid building before our next reunion. Your contribution will keep our medical volunteers safe while they keep you healthy.

Sauna Fund: The OTR Sauna has started a major renovation project that rebuilt the permanent hot-tub and plans are underway to erect permanent structures.Our sauna is a cherished part of the Old Timers Reunion experience. Donations to the Sauna Fund will directly contribute to its maintenance and improvements, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating space for future generations of cavers.

Leaving Your Mark:Beyond these large-scale initiatives, there are numerous ways to leave a lasting impact on the site:

Brickhead Program: The Brickhead Program, started in 2011, was used to benefit our new Pavilion and its improvements like noise-reducing insulation, the new stage, concrete pad and decorative rocks. It was reinstated in 2023 and if you donate, you get your name engraved on a brick that will be permanently installed in the Pavilion. A standard brick has a minimum donation of $150, and larger bricks also are available.

Share-the-Shade Tree Adoption Program: Enhance the beauty of our grounds by adopting a tree through our Share-the-Shade program. Your contribution will contribute to landscaping improvements, providing shade and beauty for all who gather here.

OTR Museum: Donations will support the maintenance and enhancement of the OTR Museum. If you have nostalgia from years prior please consider donating them to the museum so they can be remembered for years to come.

***IMPORTANT SCAM REMINDER*** This is the official Giving Tuesday fundraiser for The Robertson Association. Through this link, and this link only, will you be able to donate via our secure website. Should you wish to donate by mail please reach out to John Vitela: Should you choose to do so, make sure to add Giving Tuesday in the notes section of the online form. All other attempts to collect donations are scams and should be reported immediately.