Event Tent: Call for Presentations and Displays

Once again, there will be an event tent where cavers can give presentations on caving and karst topics. Building on last year’s experience, we should have and even better event this year.
This is a call for presentations or displays for OTR 2018. We are again asking cavers to suggest topics and sign up to give a presentation or display. Last year we had over 20 presentations!! We are open to all suggestions, but here are some possible topics:
– Cave mapping projects
– Cave and karst science research
– Cave art and photography
– Cave conservation
– Foreign expeditions/trips
– Presentations by cave/karst organizations
– Caving equipment
– Caving history
We are also interested in poster sessions. If you are a researcher or student working on a thesis, here is a great opportunity to share your work with the greater caving community. Also, cave organizations could provide a display that discusses the goals and work they do, which can help with new membership efforts.
Computers, projector, screen, means for hanging posters, etc. will be available. When you submit a topic, please include preferred day and approximate time (Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning), and estimate length for presentation. We will do our best to accommodate, and getting on the schedule early will help assure your preferences are met.
If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact Dave Field via email at: OTReventtent@gmail.com